A House for Sale Bundle

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A House for Sale Bundle


How about studying houses and rooms with a fun and engaging unit your students will love? Here is a complete differentiated and cultural task-based unit to visit British homes and sell Buckingham Palace together with flashcards, dice, memory challenge lists and a free activity to engage every student!
Your A House for sale Bundle in detail:
The unit comprises 40 worksheets about British homes. These original lesson resources are available in color and in B&W for a total of 80 pages. Each worksheet is proposed with 3 levels: easy, intermediate and difficult so each of your student can be included at every stage of the unit. For an example of differentiation, please open the resource gallery.
☞ Content of the unit
  • Step 1: learn the rooms
  • Step 2: read and understand a description
  • Step 3: name the different types of British homes
  • Step 4: take a virtual tour of a British house
  • Step 5: improve an ad


  • Step 6: Watch and describe the situatio
  • Step 7: listen to a conversation
  • Step 8: play roles


  • Step 9: Listen and place the furniture
  • Step 10: read about Buckingham Palace
  • Step 11: report about Buckingham Palace
  • Bonus cheat sheet on big numbers
❑ Grammar study
❑ Listening & videos included
❑ Instructions for tasks included
☞ Content of the flashcards set
There are 58 different flashcards to teach furniture from each room of the house!
  • For each flashcard you will find 6 versions. You will also get 10 flashcards to teach the names of the rooms.
  • Rooms concerned: yard, office, nursery, living room, laundry room kitchen, garage, dining room, bedroom, bathroom.
  • The versions include: illustration only (color and B&W), text only, phonetic transcription), text and illustration (color & B&W versions).
  • The rooms’ names come in 2 different versions: color & B&W.
☞ Content of the dice set

There are 12 dice (6 dice with 2 versions each):

  • basic questions (with pictures or with text)
  • is there … ?(with pictures or with text)
  • describe your bedroom (with pictures or with text)
  • describe your garden (with pictures or with text)
  • what is there in the room? … or … (with pictures or with text)
  • complete your description with prepositions (with pictures or with text)

☞ Content of the memory challenge

The memory challenge set is a word list whose words are classified into 3 categories: difficult, intermediary and easy words. Your students have 45 words on their list but they don’t need to learn them all to obtain 100%!
  • Themes: rooms, furniture, prepositions, price, adjectives
  • a how to document for you to implement memory challenges in your classroom
  • a word list (English to French) with 45 words sorted in 3 categories (easy, intermediate and difficult)
  • 2 normal tests
  • 2 adapted and differentiated tests for your special needs students
How to use this resource:
• You will get everything you need to teach a whole month of activities to your ESL-EFL beginners.
Important Notice:
These documents are not-editable PDF files.

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4 avis pour A House for Sale Bundle

  1. EFFIE

    Used it just before the Easter break.Went down well , the students loved learning about different types of homes and asked lots of questions .

  2. Michèle


  3. Valérie Jouenne

    très complet avec des idées d’activités facilement exploitable en classe

  4. Ghislaine.B

    It rocks !

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