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Are you looking for a Christmas unit that is easy, quick and meaningful? Then search no more, this task-based unit and its complementary resources are exactly what your students need.


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Are you looking for a Christmas unit that is easy, quick and meaningful? Then search no more, this task-based unit and its complementary resources are exactly what your students need.

Your British Christmas Unit Bundle in detail:

The bundle is composed of a task-based unit, a thematic word list with tests included, a set of flashcards and a flapbook about Christmas traditions.

☞ Content of the unit:

This is a set of 14 worksheets that offer a mini-unit in 3 steps. It offers authentic document links and step by step activities. It’s a task-based mini chapter you will be able to do in about a week. The final task consists in designing a Xmas card.

Task 1: Create a calligram

Task 2: Design an advent calendar

Task 3: Label your Xmas table

☞ Content of the word list challenge:

Here is the a memory challenge set for beginners French or English learners. A memory challenge is a word list whose words are classified into 3 categories: difficult, intermediary and easy words. Your students have 45 words on their list but they don’t need to learn them all to obtain 100%! Themes:

❑ Christmas

❑ traditions in the UK

❑ decorations

☞ Content of the flashcards set:

Here is a nice set of 26 flashcards about Christmas food and drinks. You will find five different versions to better suit your needs and enable a variety of activities in your classroom. The first page consists in a cover page and a clickable list of the different versions. You’ll only need to print out 13 pages.

Flashcards versions:

❑ Text only version with the article

❑ Color illustration only version

❑ B&W illustration only version

❑ Color illustration and text version

❑ B&W illustration and text version

☞ Content of the flapbook:

This flapbook is a culture reference guide to have your beginners master the story of Christmas and learn more about the celebration. A KWL chart is also included for a pre-reading and post-reading activity. 2 versions are available completed or to be completed.

☞ Content

❑ Who is Santa?

❑ The origins of Christmas

❑ How to decorate?

❑ What is a typical British Xmas dinner?

❑ Some differences betwenn the UK and the US

How to use this resource:

This complete set will enable your students to use new words in context, learn expressions and use there is/are. They’ll learn about culture too!

Important notice:

The resources in this bundle are not editable. The links to listening, reading and viewing activities are included. The files in the archive are PDF to be open in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Before purchasing:

Please download the preview to get a detailed overview.

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