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Engage your EFL-ESL students in a task-based lesson about dragons and afternoon tea and teach them how to write a story in the past with the appropriate vocabulary.

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Engage your EFL-ESL students in a task-based lesson about dragons and afternoon tea and teach them how to write a story in the past with the appropriate vocabulary.
Your Dragon for Tea Unit Bundle in detail:
The bundle is composed of a task-based unit, a thematic word list with tests included, a set of 36 flashcards and a free graphic organizer to write a story.
☞ Content of the unit:
This is a set of 20 worksheets about dragons and tea offering detailed teacher’s notes, links to authentic documents to be used (and tips on how to use them), together with a B&W version. The unit is organized in 4 steps, 3 intermediary and 1 final, each offering a task.
  • Step 1: Anticipate
  • Step 2: Learn
  • Step 3: Go further
  • Final Task: Record a voiceover
☞ Content of the word list challenge:
Here is the a memory challenge set for beginners French or English learners. A memory challenge is a word list whose words are classified into 3 categories: difficult, intermediary and easy words. Your students have 45 words on their list but they don’t need to learn them all to obtain 100%! Themes:
  • verbs (regular and irregular) in the past tense
  • parts of a dragon
  • teatime
☞ Content of the flashcards set:
Here is a nice set of 36 flashcards about dragons and tea partiess. You will find six different versions to better suit your needs and enable a variety of activities in your classroom. The first page consists in a cover page and a clickable list of the different versions. You’ll only need to print out 18 pages.
  • Text only version with the article
  • Pronunciation (IPA British transcription)
  • Color illustration only version
  • B&W illustration only version
  • Color illustration and text version
  • B&W illustration and text version
  • Words listed: verbs, dragon’s body parts, party time, teatime
☞ Content of the story maps:
Two versions are included color or B&W showing a « mountain » story map
Important notice:
The resources in this bundle are not editable. The links to listening, reading and viewing activities are included. The files in the archive are PDF to be open in Adobe Acrobat Reader.
How to use this resource:
This complete set will enable your students to use new words in context, learn regular and irregular verbs in the past and write stories.

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2 avis pour Teatime with a dragon Resources Bundle

  1. mrst (client confirmé)

    Tout d’abord, je l’ai achetée juste parce que je la trouvais jolie ;-). Puis une fois imprimée, je l’ai regardée en détail et je l’ai trouvée tellement chouette que je l’ai faite en fin d’année. Mes p’tits 5è ont accroché ! Et je suis d’accord avec Raphaëlle, la phase d’anticipation est superbe ! Merci pour ce si joli travail, si bien conçu !

  2. Raphaëlle L. (client confirmé)

    Je connaissais le poème mais toute la séquence construite autours est top! J ai adoré La phase d anticipation avec les différentes images. J ai demandé à mes élèves de décrire une image et les autres devaient deviner de laquelle il s agissait… top! Ils ont adoré!

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