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Have your students learn about events from the English-speaking world with these 11 sets of cultural posters offering 5 activities for each month!

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Have your students learn about events from the English-speaking world with these 11 sets of cultural posters offering 5 activities for each month!

Your Monthly Activities Cultural Posters Bundle in detail:

In this set, you will find 55 posters with 55 fun and engaging cultural activities about main events in the English-speaking world. Each poster comes in a color and a BW version for your convenience.

As a BONUS in this year-long bundle, you will find an EDITABLE version to EDIT in Microsoft Powerpoint to create your own cultural posters and enrich your collection!


* Australian Flag Day (information about the composition of the flag)

* Great Fire of London (the fire by the numbers and a rhyme to sing)

* Patriot Day (extract from the proclamation of the day by B. Obama)

* Talk like a pirate day (a fun tongue twister to learn)

* Peace Day (a quote my N. Mandela to study)


* Gandhi Jayanti (information about the celebration and a poem)

* World Smile Day (a poem)

* World Food Day (definition)

* Statue of Liberty Dedication (The New Colossus Sonnet)

* Halloween Day (a rhyme)


* American Authors’ Day (article and list of authors)

* Guy Fawkes Day (rhyme)

* Veterans Day (article)

* Thanksgiving (Tongue Twisters)

* World Hello Day (article and word cloud)


* Rosa Parks’ Day (a poem)

* Hanukkah (an articke and a video)

* Boston Tea Party (an article and an artwork)

* Christmas (Tongue Twisters)

* Kwanzaa (an article and the seven principles)


* Martin Luther King Day (a quote)

* Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Anniversary (an explanation and a quote)

* Wellington Anniversary Day (an article)

* Burns Night (an article and a poem)

* Australia Day (an article)


* Rosa Parks’ Birth (two quotes)

* Groundhog Day (a rhyme)

* George Washington’s birth (a mini biography)

* Polar Bear Day (food for thought quick facts)

* Umbrella Day (acrostic poem)


* International Women’s Day (one quote)

* Moomba Festival (an article)

* St Patrick’s Day (an acrostic)

* Holi Festival (an article)

* Brexit (a simple definition)

* April Fool’s Day (a funny hoax)
* US Flag (a comparison)
* Thomas Jefferson (a mini biography and a wordcloud)
* Earth Day (suggestions)
* World Penguin Day (explanation)


* May Day (an article)

* Europe Day (quick facts)

* Endangered Species Day (a wordcloud)

* Golden Gate Bridge (quick facts)

* John F. Kennedy (a mini-biography)


* Gingerbread Day (an article)

* World Environment Day (quick facts)

* Power of a Smile Day (a wordcloud)

* Juneteenth (a poem)

* American Eagle Day (quick facts)

July and August:
* Princess Diana’s birth (a biography)
* Junk Food Day (quick facts)
* Cheesecake Day (a recipe)
* Barack Obama’s birthday (fun facts)
* Noting Hill Carnival (a poem)

How to use this resource:

These posters can be used as a single activity. You may like to complete them with our cultural flapbooks.

Important notice:

Each month comes in a ZIP file containing a non-editable PDF file for you to print out. The BONUS file comes separately and is a Powerpoint file that is editable in Microsoft Powerpoint. You will be able to create your own poster to complete the ones already present in this huge bundle.

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