London Trip Unit

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London Trip Unit


Have your students ever visited London? Would you like to organize a virtual visit? Then this unit was designed for you and your students!
Your London Calling Unit in detail:
This is a set of 85 worksheets about the famous capital city of the United Kingdom, London. These original lesson resources are available in color, in B&W with a Dyslexic font and with detailed teacher’s notes and answer key.
☞ Content: Let’s go to london!
❑ Brainstorming from famous landmarks (speaking)
❑ Top 10 attractions (video)
❑ Speaking follow-up (preparation for final task)
❑ 10 monuments cards to fill in from a book read-aloud (reading, listening and writing activity, speaking follow-up)
❑ Webquest (reading and writing)
❑ Information on 10 attractions + tube stations (grammar, speaking, reading)
❑ Activities around the London Tube (video + speaking).
❑ Activities around London Transport (speaking + reading)
❑ Let’s visit London (video + speaking follow up)
❑ Grammar study (direction, suggestions, be going to)
❑ Original London Poem (reading and listening)
❑ History of Art from Carl Warner’s skyline.
How to use this resource:
This unit consists of everything you will need to have your students organize a trip to London. You will just have to print out the worksheets, use the links given and have fun! You may have to print the Underground map in colour for your students but the rest of the documents can be printed in B&W. Some illustrations are also available for their final creation. Detailed teacher’s notes on how to do each activity and complete answer key for every activity are also included in this huge packet.
For more information, please read my blog article about this unit.
Important Notice
This set includes video links and a listening version of an original poem. It doesn’t include any rubrics.

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5 avis pour London Trip Unit

  1. Sylvie Eeckman

    Les liens fonctionnent et les videos sont de qualité. J’ai entendu mes élèves dire ‘c’est joli’. J’adore la présentation de vos documents. Attention aux quelques coquilles dans les documents corrigés.

    • Mrs Recht’s Classroom

      Merci Sylvie, nous corrigeons les fiches de professeur sur le champ.

  2. Katherine Hermand

    Wonderful work !

  3. Christelle Bertoux

    Great resource ! My pupils and I had a very pleasant virtual trip !! They learnt a lot about London attractions thanks to the videos and the great worksheets ! Thanks.

  4. Laure Blandin

    Ressource très bien construite mais qui parait assez ambitieuse pour des débutants . Il parait difficile de faire ce chapitre en début d’année.

    • Mrs Recht’s Classroom

      Bonjour Laure, cette ressource est à utiliser en fonction de l’avancée de vos étudiants.
      De plus elle offre une variété d’activités qui vous permettra de ne pas tout faire.
      Les activités qui vous paraissent trop ambitieuses peuvent être reportées.

  5. melissa belhadj

    Efficace et ludique

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