November Events Flapbook Bundle

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November Events Flapbook Bundle


Do you wish your students knew more about the English-speaking countries, figures or celebrations? Do you often run out of time to have them research information?! Then this flapbook bundle is the perfect go-to solution for you and your students! And it makes a great finished production to display!
Your November Flapbooks in detail:
This bundle of flapbooks is meant to offer 6 culture reference guides to have your English learners master British, American or Australian culture with a fun and engaging activity.
☞ 6 Different November-Themed Flapbooks
❑ Bonfire Night (Nov 5th)
❑ Thanksgiving (Nov 22nd)
❑ November 11th (Nov 11th)
❑ Captain James Cook (Nov 7th)
❑ Mayflower (Nov 11th)
❑ Diwali (Nov 7th)
☞ For each flapbook, you will find:
❑ A completed and color version (3 pages)
❑ A completed and B&W version (3 pages)
❑ A color version with blanks ( 3 pages)
❑ A B&W version with blanks (3 pages) ❑ The Thanksgiving and the Bonfire Night flapbooks are offered with a KWL chart with answer key (4 pages)
☞ As a bonus in this bundle, you will receive KWL charts to complete for each flapbook!
How to use this resource:
• You will only print out three pages, whether with blanks to be completed by your students or whether with the complete text to be read and studied by your students.
• Your students may complete this flapbook at home as a research project or you can do it in class (or in the ICT lab).
• This is the ideal activity to give to your fast finishers!
• You may even try to make it as a group activity: each group is in charge of one of the tabs, or each member of the group has to complete it. You may even have a « reference » group or student who has the information and gives them to the other students.
• The possibilities are endless. Once the tabs are completed, have your students color in the illustrations, cut out along the lines and staple after placing the tabs in the right order. You can have them stick it in their notebook for future reference.
Important Notice:
These flapbooks are not-editable PDF files.

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