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I finally took the plunge: I recorded a Facebook Live session to share some teaching tips for Back to School with you! And since you loved it, I’ll organize some more! Read on to find out more about the first webinar and about the coming ones!

Teaching Tip Back To School Live Webinars

Why share some teaching tips Live ?

Believe me! I kept repeating this for about 2 and a half days before switching on my camera. « But why oh whyyyyyy have I decided to do this to myself?! ». FYI I just hate being photographed, let alone filmed! I was so stressed! I feared I’d make a fool of myself, I thought nobody would be there! So I first HAD to do it for myself to overcome my fear!

But obviously that wasn’t my only goal!! I have received a lot of private messages, comments and emails recently, and I have found myself a bit frustrated to answer some of you in only a few lines.

So I decided I might as well answer your questions live!

When did we share these teaching tips?

A lot of you received an invitation in July on my Facebook page and a reminder at the beginning of August in our monthly newsletter for this first live webinar. It took place on August 5th, at 11 a.m. on my Facebook page!

If you missed it, or if you could only attend the first part, here are the two videos to catch up and add your own comments.

teaching tips videos

Will there be more Teaching Tips videos?

Of course! I just loved it! So yes! I’m planning one about Cursive Reading and my Classroom Library (because I got sooooo many messages about that part).

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How do you get notified?

There are various ways to be notified, and I’ll clarify them here. You get to choose what you want to receive from me, how often and what for!

  • If you just want to know when I post a new article here – basically telling you what I’m doing at the moment in my classroom – you can subscribe to my blog and that’s it! Look on this page, in the right margin and subscribe by email to follow this blog.
  • If you want to get some notifications about both the blog on a monthly basis only (not every time I post, but once per month), you should sign up for my newsletter .
  • If you’re interested in my store, follow me on TPT to get updates, new resources, freebies, and sales notifications. This is the only way to the TPT emails telling you about my new posted resources (on sale, -50%, for the first 24 hours). I won’t send you an email to tell you #nospamming.
  • If you don’t want to miss any info, please like my Facebook Page, it’s the place where I post the most: my blog articles, my new resources, giveaways (with prizes and gift cards) and sales dates … and this is where I’ll host my Live Webinars too!
  • If you want to know me more – personally too – join me on Instagram!


Behind the scenes bonus!

Here are the fun bits about this first Facebook live! First, that was a family organization: my parents took away my three older kids, my daughter lent me her bedroom and her desk (because mine was wayyyyyy too cluttered), my husband was answering your questions in the comments while I was speaking and my little one was sleeping (longer than expected so I could spend a little more time with you!).

Second, everything didn’t go as expected! It wasn’t meant to be organized into two parts but my Livebox shut down in the middle of it. And afterwards, my camera switched off! So you do have two parts. I was so stressed, so scared you wouldn’t come back! BUT YOU DID #thankyou #coeuraveclesdoigts

Finally, I wanted to thank everyone, and especially my closests friends who attended the webinar to cheer me up! Thank you for your kind comments! These videos were seen a lot! And I hope they were helpful! Don’t forget to share!

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