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Yesterday, I listed the different projects I’m busy preparing before being really on holidays. This article will concentrate on the Jazz Project I’ll be participating in with my 5e next year.

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This project is cross-curricular: music, French, art and English will be working together. And here are the notes I’ve taken:

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The final production

Our goal is to set up a real exhibition in our School Library gathering everything the students will create throughout the year. In English class and in French class, this will be an « AP » project for the 2nd term of the school year – I had to change what I had planned – and the final task is a virtual exhibition. Of course, every creation will be then displayed at the end of the school year at the library. My students’ work will be « augmented » with QR codes to show everything they did and made.

Different steps

My goal was to design this as a chapter, from start to finish, with a final task (see above), some anticipation with description of photos and paintings, and research about New Orleans. I’ve recently discovered this animation movie I’ll have to integrate!

I’ll have them complete a flapbook about New Orleans and make a poster to advertise their exhibition with Jazz Instruments and Words, maybe with a word cloud.

I also really want to use this opportunity to work on biographies, and I’ll model it with a flapbook about Ella Fitzgerald (#staytuned #teasing). They’ll have the choice whether to publish a flapbook about a jazzman or a jazzwoman, or to create a biographical calligram. I’ll see if we’ll work from timelines because I’ve discovered a great tool recently (#confnat) called TimelineJS that I really want to try.

Edit August 2018: The Biographical Flapbooks are ready! And I’ve made more than planned!

Square Cover Bundle.png

Finally, as a musician, I want to concentrate on music. Therefore, I will have a playlist, will work on tone, rhythm, types of jazz (ragtime, boogie-woogie …), and I will have them rewrite a famous song « What a wonderful world ». I’ve found a book to help them memorize the lyrics and illustrate them.

Documents available

So far, apart from a Memory Challenge and NOLA’s flapbook, my documents aren’t published yet. But remember to follow my store to receive an email when they are.

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