Hey peeps! Holidays are here!!!!!! Can’t believe it! May and June were so busy and hectic here, I almost forgot about the holidays coming! And they arrived earlier than expected, since we were « offered » the last Friday!

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What are you all doing? Are you still working or preparing things for Back to School? Are you not working? Are you relaxing by the pool, on the beach? Maybe you can’t even read this article since you don’t have any Internet access?

No debate needed

I’m a member of some great FB groups, and every year, in July and August, some nonsense debates arouse: is it normal to work now or should we relax? I think everyone deserves to be respected in their choices. And if someone wants to work during their holidays, FINE. And if they don’t, FINE. So don’t be afraid. You won’t be judged here whether you feel like working or not, it’s totally fine with me!

About my situation next year

I have the great privilege to know where I’ll be teaching and which levels! I even know approximately how many students I’ll have in each class. I know a lot of you don’t know where they’ll be going, and will know sooooo late, they just can’t prepare anything. I know some of you don’t even know which levels, middle or high school, they’ll be teaching. So I do feel lucky and grateful.

So yes, I’m working. I started working on Back to School on July 2nd because, since we didn’t have any students at school, we had meetings organized and plenty of time to organize projects and ideas. And again, this is so precious!

Next year,I’ll have :

  • 3 classes of about 24 students in 6e
  • 1 class of about 26 students in 5e
  • 1 special class of 24 students in 5LCE
  • 1 class of about 21 students in 3e

Can’t you see I’m lucky?! We’re opening 3 classes next year (1 in each level of Cycle 4) and 1 LCE section. So even the number of our students is amazing!

What am I doing? Am I working or not?

Yes, I’m working. A bit now in July and a bit at the end of August just before Interstices. I’ve been busy planning and scheduling the coming schoolyear over the past 2 weeks, 1h per day, during my baby’s afternoon nap. I like to keep things time framed when working on holidays.

So I’ve designed my yearly curriculums for each level, including the AP part for each one (I’ve decided to do 1 AP project per term with each level) and I’ve been busy designing the BIG project for the LCE students. I’ve also found penpals for my 6e (I only have 58 of them, but that will do, I hope …). And finally, as I have learnt it a bit late, I’ve been busy creating a Jazz Project for the 5e.

Finally, as I’ll be a Form Tutor in 6e, I’ve been trying to design a curriculum for them too. I’ve found great help in this article written by Five O’Clock Teach.

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Will I share all this ?!

Of course! Stay tuned! You will find in a coming article each « progression annuelle » with the AP projects mentioned, the form tutor curriculum with the first documents and the details for the Jazz Project.

And I am going to stop working?!

Yes, from the 14th of July to the 15th of August, consider me officially on vacation! #humhum

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  • Sophie M. dit :

    Bonjour Estelle, par quel moyen trouves-tu des correspondants à tes 6è ? E-twinning ? Est-ce une correspondance virtuelle ou « papier » ? Merci pour les précisions et… enjoy your holiday !

  • za dit :

    Tu es diablement efficace. Ici, les envies flottent encore dans l’air et je n’ai pas le filet à papillon adapté pour les attrapé et les fins d’années ne sont pas propices à l’élaboration de projets. Bonnes vacances.

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