About the British Royals

April is coming! And with it the third Royal baby! I just can’t wait! And just after, we’ll celebrate Harry and Meghan’s wedding in May. These are perfect events to deal with family and that genitive form with your English learners. Wanna know how I do it? Please read through!

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Why I use the Royals for my lesson?

I’ve been using the British Royal Family for many years now to teach family vocabulary and genitive. First, for personal and ethical reasons. I find it so hard to ask my students to talk about their families. Sometimes they don’t want to. Sometimes they simply can’t. And I have never wanted to place my students in an embarrasing situation. Second, I just loooooove the British Royals. I find the new generation glamorous and fun and I like that you can write to them and they answer your letters!!! My students have received a personal letter from the Queen, from Prince Charles, from Prince William and Princess Kate and Prince Harry for years now. And I can’t wait to send them new ones!

Different students, different lessons

With the younger ones, in 6th grade, I usually teach a whole unit. We revise the family members words they have learnt (normally) in primary school and we add some more difficult one (step-mother, half-sister, father-in-law …). We study family trees and family relationships with the genitive form (we play a I have, who has game to memorize structures and we roll dice too to master fluency). And we reinforce out knowledge of routines studying the Royals’ routines.

With the older ones, in 7th grade, I’ve decided to talk about the two (three with Eugenie’s wedding coming) major events in two mini-lessons, one to be done at the end of April (if the doctors were right, Baby #3 should arrive for St George’s Day, what a beautiful birthday that would be!!!!) and one at the beginning of May to prepare Harry’s wedding.

What’s expected from the students?

In the first unit, the final task that my students have loved the most is making a video about a member of the Royal Family (I used Animoto, educational account), post it on a padlet and send the Queen a letter to tell her to watch them.


In the first mini-lesson, about the Royal Baby, students celebrate the baby’s birth, play the role of William filling in a birth certificate, play the role of a Town Crier announcing the birth and create a gift for the baby abour Royal life.

In the second mini-lesson, about the Royal Wedding, students invite guests writing an invitation card, help the carriage driver find the right route from the Chapel to the Palace and organize the seating plan #brainteaser.

What about you?

How do you teach family words in your classroom? With superheroes? With the Simpsons maybe? Let me know!

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  1. Actually, this year, I made a complete unit on Hotel Transylvannia 2. My year 7 really enjoyed discovering the family and talking about their super-powers. It’s been hard work to prepare but worth it!


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