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I’ve been busy re-reading my blog over the past few weeks and I began listing your favorite articles. It appears you like reading teaching tips on classroom management, lesson planning … That gave me an idea! I’ll make videos with teaching tips!

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Where to find my videos

Not only is Teacherspayteachers a platform to find resources to download, it’s also a website where you can watch videos with very interesting teaching tips. So I decided to post some videos with strategies that help me on a daily basis in the hope these strategies might help you too! I’m so excited and so nervous too! Note that these videos will be shared for free (but won’t be downloadable). I won’t post them on Youtube.

Tip #1 : How to use flashcards

The first video lists ideas to use flashcards in your classroom. This may sound ridiculously easy. I think it’s not. It took me a few years to actually use flashcards in a creative way in my classroom. I thought I should share!

As a language teacher I do love flashcards, and even if I like Quizlet for its interactivity, I can’t stop making, printing and laminating flashcards for my classroom to build and develop hands-on activities.

I use them to teach vocabulary and new words, spelling and phonics, grammar but also to make mindmaps, to help understand texts and listenings, to prepare speaking and writing tasks. And of course to decorate my classroom. To learn more, please watch the video in my store. Just clic the image below.

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Un commentaire sur “Videos with teaching tips

  1. Bonjour,
    J’adore votre site qui me donne des idées chaque année, voire chaque semaine. Et je suis aussi une acheteuse car je n’arrive pas encore à égaler vos présentations et mises en pages.
    Merci de partager votre travail!


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