Happy Women’s Day!

How nice is that?! One day just for us, ladies! 😀 Oh well, I sometimes wish there were many Women’s Days and maybe a Men’s Day too. But I’m happy to share exceptional women’s stories with my students.

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Thursday March 8th

On Thursday, unfortunately, only my 3e will have a special lesson about Women (and that will launch our lesson on Ruby Bridges). I’ll have a « history of arts » lesson in centers. My class will be divided into 3 main groups (about 10 students in each) and given a document related to Rosie the Riveter : Rockwell’s painting, the « We can do it » campaign and a modern Rosie created by Abigail Gray Swartz.

Students’ activities

My objective is to have my students describe and analyze these posters (just a few days before their mock exam) about the role of women during World War Two. At the end of the class, they’ll be given a copy of this document to present a biography of their choice.

Women's Day

Other possible plans

My Women’s Hitory Month will then be dedicated to Ruby Bridges this year. Rosa Parks was my Women of the year in 2015 and Rosie the Riveter in 2016! And what are you doing for this special day?

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