Daily routine and Norman Rockwell

This unit, that I created in 2012 for one of my Special Needs classes, is an ideal mix of grammar, art and fun. It will enable your students to talk (or write) about their routine. Wanna know more? Let’s go then!
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Once again, I found my inspiration in one (two actually) of Norman Rockwell’s famous paintings. After describing the boy’s and the girl’s routines (and learning to do so), your students will create their own story.

What do I do with these?

Each of the portraits of these kids represents an action verb! Amazing! And the succession of drawings tells their everyday life! Exactly what we try to teach to our EFL students. This time, teaching morning, afternoon and evening activities will be done with ease and fun while talking about the USA in the 1950s and some American traditions. And the paintings are so well done, they give ideas to the kids to imitate them and create their own (or an adapted version! I give them 5 different possibilities!)

A creative project

To help my students actually get creative with their final project, I made a short video with some ideas from two school websites ( collège Le Racinay and collège Alain Fournier ). In the unit, you will find a list of ideas to have your students create a large variety of final tasks.

An updated lesson

It was originally just a revision mini-unit entirely based on the two paintings. I needed to improve and enrich it so everyone could use it. It’s now a complete unit with hands-on activities to learn vocabulary, practice writing complete sentences in the simple past, discover the two paintings and the American way of life. Your students will come up with great ideas to create their own « A day in my life » project!

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