Hurray for St Patrick’s Day

March is here! I just love this month. And that has nothing to do with the weather becoming warm again or with flowers reappearing in my garden! No!! This is all about shamrocks, limericks and leprechauns’ hats!

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Even if St Patrick’s Day falls on a Saturday this year, NOTHING will prevent me from doing something special with my students for the occasion. I’ve planned a lot! And I will finally be able to wear my beloved shamrock tights once again!


Here is what’s planned for ALL my classes, because everyone will get his dose of fun and luck during the week!

  • My 7th graders will have an ABC about Ireland to complete
  • My 8th graders will make a flapbook about the celebration
  • My 9th graders will write limericks with story dice
  • And I will decorate my classroom!!! {#freebiealert}

A section of my store is dedicated to this special day, help yourself! And don’t forget to wear green clothes!

And I’m not the only one to be totally excited about it! Chez Chris, one of my teacher BFF, is completely hooked on that celebration too. Soooooooooo, we’ve prepared a surprise for you all. This is a gift! It’s completely free! And instead of one, you’ll get two. Be sure to visit our two stores: mine AND hers! And spot our two St Paddy’s Gifts : mine and hers!

Square Cover Freebie

And if you like books as much as I do and want to share your love for St Patrick’s Day AND books with your students, Five o’Clock Teach has written a perfect article for you! The St Patrick’s Day Alphabet she is talking about is my reference for our ABC on Ireland. And she has a perfect freebie to decorate your classroom!

Un commentaire sur “Hurray for St Patrick’s Day

  1. As excited as you for March! I have my green « Ireland » t-shirt ready for some fun (same as your tights I guess), I am just a little disappointed that St Patrick’s Day is on a Saturday this year.


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