Let’s plan the new period!

A new period is starting tomorrow that will last 6 weeks. And the previous one was kind of hectic. I need to get a lot of things done in a short amount of time. So here is what’s planned for my EFL students for grades 7, 8 and 9.

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Grade 7

Diapositive9With my two classes of 7th graders, a major issue is their field trip : during the second week of the period, I’ll have only half of my two classes. That’s why I didn’t actually do the Mannequin Challenge on Keith Haring before the holidays (and chose to do something fun about Groundhog Day instead at the last minute) so I can now have plenty of time to organize this Mannequin Challenge, even if only half of the classes will actually appear on the video!

As always, we’re not having fun just for the sake of it. We’ll revise present continuous and movement verbs while discovering Keith Haring’s artworks! Here is a sneak peek at one of the worksheets (I drew the illustrations myself #notashamed).

After that, we’ll have the rest of the period to do one of my favorite units: William the Conqueror. I’ll mix documents from Piece of Cake 5e and some greats elements I’ve used now for years! It is generally a great unit for the students who discover that one of England’s King was actually French and that a lot of French words invaded the English language (while French soldiers invaded English territories)!

Grade 8

For my three classes, I’ve planned to use two units I love: one about the Titanic and the Usual Suspects lesson from their textbook. They will be great ways to revise simple past and past continuous!

The Titanic unit might be long for one of my classes so I’ll reduce it, but the two other classes will surely come up with great productions. I may use the Memory Challenge that I created for the lesson by the way! Here are the tasks that I give them:



Grade 9

This is a challenging period for my Grade 9 students. They’ll be absent a lot to attend some theatre plays and we have to work a lot on their eTwinning project about literature. #brainteaser Plus, I really want to work with them on the Parkland, Florida shooting and on the Civil Rights Movement. So we’ll do something quick on the school shooting from the poem by Brian Bilston « America is a gun » and I plan on having them write something like « School is a haven ». After that of course I’ll be so happy to do my Ruby Bridges Unit again with Rockwell’s painting and Steinbeck’s novel. We’ll work with great pleasure!


That’s the end my friends!

Have great fun teaching! Enjoy your winter break if you’re just starting it. And let’s meet on March 1st for a big St Paddy’s surprise! Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about St Patrick’s Day!


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