Let’s go to London!

Oooooooooh I love London so much!! I’m totally in love with this city! And I wish my students were too! So, for the next period, our big project will be to organize a virtual trip to London!


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My starting point!

Once again, a book gave me the inspiration I needed:


Chapter 6 : Let's go to London!


And I wanted to add some Arts Discovery in the unit, using Carl Warner’s foodscape:

Chapter 6 : Let's go to London!

A variety of activities

I want my students to read, listen, watch, write and speak London for a minimum of 3 weeks so I’ve gathered many activities and documents. I’ve even written and recorded an original poem! They’ll love every step of this unit! And I bet they’ll try to convince their parents to go afterwards! Of course, grammar and vocabulary will be everywhere in this lesson with the use of modals and directions together with exclamatives!

An engaging final project

I’ll tell them we’re organizing a trip to London. They’ll have to decide which landmarks they’ll visit and they’ll give directions to go to every monument they’ll choose. My students have never been on a subway! We’ll learn how to travel on the London Tube! And they’ll certainly be the only person in their family speaking ENgilsh so they’ll have to learn how to buy tickets and ask for help! We’ll have fun!
At the end of the unit, they’ll design a brochure about their ideal trip to London and present it to the class. I can’t wait to see them!

What about you?

Is this a subject you study with your students? Are there any other cities you « virtually visit » with them? I love my Dublin unit too. But I should develop this with other cities! Please share!

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